3 Tips to Maximize Your Online Business Exposure


Online business is an immediate opportunity for many small business owners. You might be a freelancer providing professional services, have your own e-commerce store, or perhaps you have set up a physical storefront and desire to improve your customer experience. As you likely know, it is the future, and maintaining an internet presence will contribute to your growth and sales. However, many online businesses fail to achieve their maximum potential because they do not own a website, do not provide value, and/or do not integrate Social Media.

Here are my top 3 tips on how to enhance and maximize your online business exposure:

1. Have a website

Yes, as straightforward as it may seem, many online businesses do not own a website. You might be asking yourself “How do they function online if a website is not present?” – Well, many rely on social media platforms (which I will cover later), a basic email, or even Yelp Reviews to sell their products and services. The truth of the matter is that a website is the most important component for an online business. According to Dennis Dunleavy, a website’s function is to increase your sales, provide information, and create engagement. Think about it, millions of people use the internet on a daily basis; A website can boost your sales by selling your services or merchandise to this internet savvy population. It can also serve as a communication outlet by answering questions about your business, as well as giving you the opportunity to reach new crowds outside of your niche.

2. Provide Value

Your potential clients trust you and become recurring consumers because you, as an online business, have something to offer. If you don’t, then pay close attention. Start a blog! Why? Because your online business needs to GROW – that’s why. By creating value in the form of recurring blog posts (whether written, audio or video), you are fomenting the online populace to return to your online business for guidance. It will establish credibility. If you have never written a blog, Aliza Levine describes them best as journals or daily diaries. I personally believe that they are great selling tools for products and services of any kind. Follow this example – If a consumer is searching online for professional services or an online shop, a way to catch their attention is to have a blog about such services or product benefits. The consumer will read, listen, or watch this, and may end up on your business website, becoming a potential client. This is all because you offered value in the form of a blog post.

3. Leverage Social Media


In case you were unsure, let’s get it straight – The way humans interact socially has somewhat shifted in modern times.

Today people can converse and share topics with one another through the use of social media network profiles. According to an infographic by the Search Engine Journal, 2.1 billion (yes billion) people have social media accounts. Take a few seconds to let this sink in and ask yourself “Am I engaging with this crowd?” Social Media has massive potential for sales and building trust within your market. It can be used to start a conversation, answer customer questions, market/sell your product, and build an online presence. Take into consideration that if you own one or more social media network profiles, content you post on them gets shared constantly, it has the potential to reach more people. You then improve your likelihood to appear through searches, and your online business climbs to the top of search engines like Google – driving more traffic to your website, or getting more subscribers to your blog.

Get a website, provide value (in the form of blogs), and maintain a consistent presence on social media networks in order to maximize your online business exposure and unlock potential for sales.

For more information on how to build a website, create/distribute blogs posts, and optimize/manage your social media profiles visit:



Email: contact@josueoliveras.info

Social Media: @josueoliveras






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